Spangler on the bed

This website evolved after our 3 year old Golden Retriever Spangler suffered an adverse reaction and subsequent death as a result of his annual booster on 25th March 2006. Spangler was an important member of our family and we couldn’t let his tragic death be in vain. Read Spangler's story.

The aim of the website is to inform pet owners of the risks of vaccination and to give them an informed choice with options, in the hope that this may prevent our tragedy happening to other much loved pets.

We found it extremely difficult during the week of Spangler’s illness to obtain information, either from the Vet or the vaccine company involved. They didn’t appear to understand how serious the illness was until it was too late.

After lots of searching on the internet I found Catherine O’Driscoll of Canine Health Concern and discovered that adverse reactions from vaccines are more common than vets would have us believe.

Spangler sitting up

Spangler sadly died in March 2006, since then we have heard from other pet owners whose dogs and cats have suffered in some way after vaccination. They have very kindly given us permission to print their stories. Read their stories here

If your pet has suffered through vaccination please contact us: